Magnetic Separator

These operate most efficiently when they are placed at an angle over the conveyor head or over the discharge point of a vibratory feeder.

In cases where the magnet cannot be installed at an angle over the discharge point, it may be suspended parallel to and above the conveyor belt. Selection of the proper magnetic separator for any application requires very careful evaluation of all operating conditions and separation objectives. The magnetic field configuration of any magnetic separator, regardless of type, should profile the conveyor belt for maximum tramp removal. To help proper selection, to enable us to recommend the most efficient and economical magnet, the following information is required -

Suspended Magnets Separators

In Line models are suspended along the main conveyor belt. The separator is mounted at an angle as shown for better performance. The belt of the separator travels in the same direction as the main process conveyor with a speed which is equal or greater than the main burden speed. The tramp is discharged away from the conveyor belt in the direction of travel. Transverse Separators are suspended at right angles to the main conveyor. It can be installed anywhere along the conveyor line. The tramp is discharged at right angles away from the conveyor.