Slipring Assembly

Slipring Assemblies are used for carrying electrical current from a stationary part to a rotating part of an equipment such as Rotary Crane, Rotary Reclaimer, Cable Reeling Drum, Excavator,Circular blenders, Rotatory Kilns etc. The sliprings or the brush holders can be mounted either on the fixed or the rotating part of the machinery as per machine design. Rings of various amperages can be combined to form Slipring Assemblies and a combination of Power, Control and Communication can be offered.

Key features and Functionalities

  • Number of Sliprings upto 50 Nos. with a combination of control, power and communication.
  • Voltage rating 220V, 415V, 3300V, 6600V and 11000V
  • Slipring Current rating 15 Amps. - 600 Amps.
  • Sliprings are made of Cast Brass or Copper
  • Brushes - Copper Carbon
  • Can take supply voltage variation of 1- 15%.