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System Components

The metal Detector system consists of the following components:

Search coil
Search coil is that part of the Metal Detector which creates the required electromagnetic field and senses the disturbances caused by the presence of metal - in bulk material handling conveyor. The Search Coil takes the form of a closed loop around the conveyor. The Search Coil Assembly is a wooden rectangular frame with mounting on conveyor structure channels. The Search Coil comprises of a transmitter coil panel at the bottom and two receiving coils in the top panel. From these two panels, two four-core cables are taken out which goes to the Junction Box. The whole assembly is designed such that it can be easily installed on an endless conveyor.

Control Panel
A ruggedly built dust-and water proof cubicle houses the main electronics circuitry. This generates all the D.C. supplies required and processes the signal to annunciate audio-visual indications and other systems and actuates interlocking relays. This also has all the operational controls and terminations for the interlock system etc.

Junction Box
The Junction Box generates the required electro-magnetic fields, and automatically maintains a high degree of balance. It amplifies the disturbance caused by Tramp Metal and passes “Metal Detected” Signal to the Control unit The Junction Box with door which houses the electronic circuitry is mounted by the side of the search coil frame. The Junction Box is covered by laminate and / or Aluminium Sheet.

Sandbag Marker
After tripping, the belt may stop at varying distance form the Search Coil depending on conveyor speed, load conditions, braking efficiency and inclination etc. To remove the Tramp metal, an operator may have a large area to search. The depth of burden further increases the task of the operator. To easily locate the area in which metal is detected, we offer Sand Bag Marker. SAND BAG MARKER is installed just after the Search Coil. It is a solenoid operated unit which drops a Sand Bag on the conveyor where the metal is detected. So the operator has to locate the Sand Bag which will be visible on top of the material. Thus this reduces the Search area irrespective of the conveyor belt halt.

The counter helps in high speed conveying by counting the number of metal pieces detected. This is useful for high speed conveyors.

Search Coil Guard
The search coil Guard protects the search coil from damage due to large lumps or overburden.

Hooter and Indication Lamp
The conveyor on which the Metal Detector is installed is also interlocked with other systems. To give the indication that the system has tripped due to Metal Detector on external Hooter is provided as an optional unit.

Flasher Light is an optional unit. In cash the control unit is away from the Search coil, it gives the indications of SET/TRIP conditions of Metal Detector.

  1. Coal Handling Plants
  2. Cement Plants
  3. Mining (Coal, Lignite, Ores)
  4. Thermal Power Plants
  5. Chemical Plants
  1. Glass Manufacturing Units
  2. Plastics Plants
  3. Paper Mills
  4. Plywood Manufacturing Units
  5. Rubber Processing Units

  1. Power Consumption
  2. Power Supply
  3. Conveyor Belt Speed
  4. Auxiliary Contact
  5. Weight
: Less then 50VA
: 240/415VAC, 50HZ
: 0.3 to 5MPS
: 2 Nos, potential-free change-over contacts, rating 240VAC 5AMPS
: 50-200 Kgs total depending on the size of the search coil.

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