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Spring Driven Cable Reeling Drum

Spring Driven Cable Reeling Drums are driven by special helical springs. Generally springs have a limited life. Due to continuous winding and unwinding operation normal fatigue stes in. If the best material is used, will show signs of fatigue after approx 40,000 to 50,000 movements. This metal fatigue can lead to breakage of the springs. Any small oscillation of the spring to be considered as one movement.
There are two types of spring drums. In one type the springs are mounted on the drum shaft and tensioning is achieved by rotation of the drum body. In the other type, the springs are accommodated in a separate i.e.a spring motor. The spring motor facilitates easy spring replacement, without disconnecting/removing the trailing cable.

Cable Reeling Drum with Spring Drive
The Spring acts as the drive force. Due to the limited torque available from the spring, the size and length of cable that can be wound is limited for Spring Drums.
The efficiency of the drive mainly depends upon the spring life, and the life of the spring depends upon the number of operations i.e. the working cycle.
The application of spring drum is limited to electro-magnets, machine tools etc. Since the efficiency and reliability of the drum depends on the quality of the spring, great care is taken in the selection and manufacture of the spring.
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