Technology partner
Bischoff & Hensel, Germany
Salient Features
MaterialCast Brass or Copper for slip ring Copper carbon brushes Epoxy resin for insulation
Current ratings:220V, 415V, 3300V, 6600V and 11000V Permanent separators: Belt type, magnetic pulley, magnetic drum
Advantages:Compact, easy to install, weather-proof,vermin-proof, and long equipment life

Slip Ring Assembly

Electro Zavod Slip Ring Assemblies are designed for power and data transmissions from stationary to rotating or oscillating equipment such as cable reeling drums, excavators, and rotary cranes. It enables continuous conductivity without cable twists or fatigue.

Instrument quality sliprings or brush holders are attached to the equipment's stationary or rotating parts, ensuring high-quality signals. Our strong cast slip ring assemblies feature varying amperage rings that are designed for continuous conductivity even at high rotational speeds. Our robust cast slip ring assemblies have varying rings of amperages, designed for continuous conductivity even at a high rotational speed.

Applications: Earth Moving Equipment, Rotary Cranes, Jib Cranes, Excavators, Reclaimers / Stackers, Circular Blenders, Cable Reeling Drums, and Clarifoculators