Industrial Metal Detector

Electro Zavod Pulse Metal Detectors can easily identify and reject magnetic as well as non-magnetic metal contaminations from production lines. This helps manufacturers achieve quality compliance, avoid any machinery hazards, and save production downtime.

Our industrial metal detectors have a 30-year record of high detection sensitivity and reliability under tough conditions.

Applications: Coal Handling Plants, Cement Plants, Mining (Coal, Lignite, Ores), Thermal Power Plants, Chemical Plants, Glass Manufacturing Units, Plastics, Paper Mills, Plywood Manufacturing Units, and Rubber Processing Units.
Salient Features
  • Operates on Eddy-current induced detection system
  • Can take supply voltage variation of 1-15%
  • Suitable for high temperature (up to 55 C) and humidity (up to 100%)
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustments to detect temperature variation and metal movement
  • Audio-visual alarm for operator alert
Advantages: Easy installation, easily adjustable sensitivity,low power consumption, and trouble-free operations