Cable Reeling Drum

We offer a comprehensive range of motorised cable and hose reeling drums used for safe & efficient transmission of power, data, and fluids from stationary to mobile equipment..

Magnetic Separator

Electro Zavod has been providing magnetic separators to segregate the magnetic materials from non-metal fractions for a variety of applications – protection ofexpensive equipment in downstream processes,purification of conveyed materials, reclaiming and salvaging valuable ferrous scraps, among others.Broadly, the separators can be categorised as Electro-magnetic separators that use wire coils and direct current to provide a magnetic field for metal separations, and Permanent magnetic separators requiring no electric power to work on a relatively thin layer of materials on conveyor belts

Vibrating Feeder

The precision-engineered Electro Zavod Vibrating Feeders use controlled mechanical vibrations to feed a variety of bulk materials (solids, powder, or granules) to a specific process or machine. These can include feeding crushers, mixers, furnaces & scales, loading & sorting plants, and discharging materials from hoppers among many others.

Vibrating Screen

Electro Zavod Vibrating Screens are economical,customisable for specific applications and designed for maximum screening efficiency with the smallest possible screening area. Special attention is given to various factors during screen design to ensure maximum performance: G-forces, vertical acceleration,single particle ballistic and stratification of the product.

Slip Ring Assembly

Electro Zavod Slip Ring Assemblies are designed for power and data transmissions from stationary to rotating or oscillating equipment such as cable reeling drums, excavators, and rotary cranes. It enables continuous conductivity without cable twists or fatigue.
Instrument quality sliprings or brush holders are attached to the equipment's stationary or rotating parts, ensuring high-quality signals. Our strong cast slip ring assemblies feature varying amperage rings that are designed for continuous conductivity even at high rotational speeds. Our robust cast slip ring assemblies have varying rings of amperages, designed for continuous conductivity even at a high rotational speed.

Industrial Metal Detector

Electro Zavod Pulse Metal Detectors can easily identify and reject magnetic as well as non-magnetic metal contaminations from production lines. This helps manufacturers achieve quality compliance, avoid any machinery hazards, and save production downtime.
Our industrial metal detectors have a 30-year record of high detection sensitivity and reliability under tough conditions

Lifting Magnet

Electro Zavod provides low dead weight circular Lifting Magnets for handling a variety of bulk materials such as heavy melting scrap, broken scrap, steeling turnings,cast iron boring, and others. Designed for rugged dependability, these magnets can pick up large weights faster and more conveniently than mechanical devices.
With over 15 years of expertise in this field, Electro Zavod also provides design and consultancy services to various industries. We can develop custom solutions based on our analysis of the electromagnet lifting requirements for specific applications.