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Älmhults El-Mek AB, Sweden
Salient Features
Types:Electro-magnet or permanent magnet
Electromagnetic SeparatSuspended,overband (inline or cross-belt), boosting type
Permanent separators:Belt type, magnetic pulley, magnetic drum
Cooling options:Oil cooled or air cooled
Advantages:Easy to install and maintain, durable and weather-proof, long life of the equipment

Magnets Separators

Electro Zavod has been providing magnetic separators to segregate the magnetic materials from non-metal fractions for a variety of applications – protection of expensive equipment in downstream processes, purification of conveyed materials, reclaiming and salvaging valuable ferrous scraps, among others. Broadly, the separators can be categorised as: Electro-magnetic separators that use wire coils and direct current to provide a magnetic field for metal separations, and Permanent magnetic separators requiring no electric power to work on a relatively thin layer of materials on conveyor belts.

    Available options

  • Suspended Electromagnetic Separators are lightweight, compact, and easy to operate. Designed to be suspended over the conveyor belt using atravel trolley, these are suitable for the removal of ferrous particles from raw materials containing relatively little metal.

  • Belt-type Permanent Magnetic Separators segregate the sponge iron from the mixture of char and sponge. These have individual shaft-mounted geared motors for the top and bottom conveyors and are available in belt widths ranging from 650 mm to 2000 mm.

  • Magnetic Pulleys are the optimal solution for Magnetic Pulleys recovery of scrap, or prevention of contamination of food, pharmaceuticals & chemicals, machinery damage, and others in limited installation space. These can be installed at the terminal head of main conveyors for the continuous extraction of iron contamination from the conveyor load and are available in a variety of sizes (400 mm – 1000 mmdiameters).

  • Overband Magnetic Separators with deep penetrating magnetic fields are robust, self-cleaning, and suitable for removal of heavy metal contamination These are available in following variants

  • Inline magnetic separators placed at an angle over the conveyor head or the discharge point of a vibratory feeder

  • Cross-belt separatorsthat move in the perpendicular direction to the main process conveyor with a speed greater than the main burden speed

  • Boosting-type Separatorsare designed to work effectively with an industrial metal detector at varying voltages to efficiently separate smaller and larger particles as identified by the metal detector.

  • Permanent Magnetic Drumsare highly effective in the removal of both large and small pieces of iron contaminants from material processing lines. Thesemagnetic drums come in both low- and high-intensity versions and can be used to remove or add to the magnetic content of dry minerals.

Mining industries, Food processing,Textile industries, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries, Waste recycling and others