Lifting Magnets

Electro Zavod provides low dead weight circular Lifting Magnets for handling a variety of bulk materials such as heavy melting scrap, broken scrap, steeling turnings, cast iron boring, and others. Designed for rugged dependability, these magnets can pick up large weights faster and more conveniently than mechanical devices With over 15 years of expertise in this field, Electro Zavod also provides design and consultancy services to various industries. We can develop custom solutions based on our analysis of the electromagnet lifting requirements for specific applications..

Applications: Steel plants, Scrap processing yards, Foundries, Material handling like steel plates, coils billets, shredding, etc.
Technology partner
M/s Rotary Engg, UK
Salient Features
Material:Stainless steel base plate
Capability:Wide range of sizes available for handling slabs up to 70 tonnes
Types: Standard, heavy-duty or heavy-duty deep field
Advantages: Massive lifting capacity, low power consumption, weather-proof design, easy to maintain, and low cost of ownership