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Bischoff & Hensel, Germany
Types of drums
Semi-parallel drums:Used for short cable lengths and for voltage up to 415 V; winding cable not guided
Monospiral drums:Used for any cable length and voltage up to 11 KV; unlimited number of layers though the overall diameter restricted by available clearance
Parallel or barrel-type drums:Used for any cable length and voltage up to 35 KV; winding cable uniformly guided

Cable Reeling Drum

We offer a comprehensive range of motorised cable and hose reeling drums used for safe & efficient transmission of power, data, and fluids from stationary to mobile equipment.

Key categories

  • Cable Reeling Drum with stall torque motor drive is the most dependable in its category producing the necessary consistent torque with the rotor in a locked condition and zero overheating. It is available in both squirrel cage and slip-ring construction.

  • Cable Reeling Drum with spring drive is the most convenient and cost-effective method for providing power to mobile machinery. The available torque, however, limits the size and length of the cable to be wound.

  • Cable Reeling Drum with counterweight drive is the most effective method of handling cables without motors or control panels with the counterweight acting as the driving force

  • Cable Reeling Drum with VVF-controlled special squirrel cage motor drive is quite versatile with the ability to handle almost any cable size or length while delivering variable torque.

The Hose Reeling Drum is driven by springs and stall torque motor with a rotatory valve in place of the slip rings, making it suitable for air, water, hydraulic oil, and pressures up to 200-bar. The spring-operated hose reeling drums are suitable for use in workshops and industrial units.