Magnetic Pulley

General :
Magnetic Pulleys are designed specifically for installation at the terminal head of main conveyors for the continuous extraction of iron contamination from the conveyor burden. The extracted magnetic particles remain on the belt surface until they are carried to the underside of the pulley where the moving belt takes them beyond the field of magnetic influence to be discharged into a bypass chute. The non-magnetic burden falls over the pulley in normal trajectory.

Application :
The function of Magnetic Pulley is for extraction of tramp iron for protection of processing machinery such as crushers, pulverisers and other valuable equipment. Also, it is used for purification of foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and similar products. This is frequently used in the scrap trade for reclaimation of iron from other metals.

Specification :
Electro Magnetic Pulley is of heavy duty design and has a magnet unit which is shaft mounted & revolving with the pulley, ensuring that the entire pulley face is magnetised whenever the pulley is energised. The magnet unit is a totally enclosed system, with magnet yoke, core and poles being of high permeability steel, keyed and positively located on a high tensile steel shaft. The magnetising coils are wound in high conductivity insulated aluminium, fully impregnated, and are designed for continuous duty. The shaft is partially bored hollow to allow the leads from the winding to pass through for connection to the current collector gear which is mounted on one end of the shaft external to the bearings. The current collector gear is of totally enclosed dust proof pattern, with removable cover. It houses heavy duty sliprings and" brush gear with connectors for incoming cable. The pulley cover is of non-magnetic stainless steel, heavy gauge, crowned face, and mounted on the end flanges.

Selection :
We manufacture standard magnetic pulleys in diameters of 400 mm, 500 mm, 630 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm with varying face widths depending on the belt width used on the conveyor. To enable selection of the correct magnet, following information is required :
  1. Material description, size, bulk density and burden depth.
  2. Conveyor width, capacity and speed.
  3. Tramp iron size, shape, weight and percentage.
  4. Type of separation: Whether equipment protection, purification, reclamation or salvage.
  5. Pulley shaft diameter and drive extension dimensions .
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