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Benefits of Electro Zavod lifting magnets :

  • low Dead Weight
  • Large Lifting Capacity
  • Unequalled rates of lifting capacities to magnet weight
  • Relatively low power consumption
  • Stainless steel base plate - weather proof, right, less complex
  • Easily exchangeable wear part for the central poles
  • Lower total cost of ownership - considering purchase, running and maintenance costs
Electro Zavod makes the following lifting Magnets :

Rectangular Lifting Magnets :
18" Series/ Copper Wound 22OV DC
18" Series/ Aluminum Wound 22OV DC
24" Series/ Aluminum Wound 22OV DC

Circular Lifting Magnets :
Standard Type
Heavy Duty Type
Heavy Duty Deep Field Type

Consultation & Design :
Electro Zavod can servey your requirements and help to select the right equipment. If you require non-standard equipment, we can manufacture specific to your needs.

We can make Old magnets New, for example:
Rewinding with Aluminium instead of Copper.
Rectangular Lifting Magnets 220 Volts D.C.
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Circular Lifting Magnets with Aluminium Windings
220 Volts D.C. 75% Duty Cycle
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