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Product Enquiry
Customer :
Address :
Email :
Contact No. :
1 .Specific properties of the material:
Stratification : Good Medium Bad Sticky
Wear : Strong Poor Agglomeration Hygroscopic
Grain shape : Cubic Splitty Flat Broken
2. Screen purpose:
Classification into mm mm mm
Classifying / Dry Screening Wet Screening with water spraying w>>Dm
Tramp water removal w<<Dm Wash screening
Primary screening / Scalping Dewatering    
3. Requirements on efficiency/quality:
4. Product feed:
Vibrating feeder Bucket elevator Chute Belt conveyer
in direction of feed against direction of feed perpendicular to screen Wash screening
Height of fall of product on to the screen deck mm, Speed of product to screen m/s
5. Screen deck:
transversally tensioned longitudinally tensioned wire mesh
perforated plate grid plastic panels
plastic system element preferred model? name,supplier!    
6. Prescription for material quality to be used:
7. Installation:
outside inside building stionary
semi-mobile mobile customer drawing
sketch no prescriptions    
8. Protection requested against:
Dust Noise    
Admissible limits :
Prescription for labor :
9. Power supply:
Operating Voltage Volt
Hydraulic HZ
10. Layout for installation:
Customer Drawing   Sketch
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