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Vibrating Screen

Circular Motion Screens

Circular Motion Screens are operated either by a single shaft vibrator or by a single unbalance motor. Due to the eccentricity of the shaft in the case of single shaft drive, a controlled circular motion is produced. In the case of a single unbalance motor drive, the circular motion is produced by the unbalanced weights on the rotor shaft. These screens have a slope varying in between 15 to 25 degree. They are commonly used with a combination of low amplitude of vibration and high frequency.

The most common circular drives are :
  • Single Shaft Drive :
    These screens have a simple design. The drive is through a cardan shaft or a 'V'-belt. In case of a 'V'-belt drive, speed variation is possible. The single shaft drive is mostly used for medium to large sized screens.
  • Single Unbalance Motor :
    These are primarily used for small to medium sized screens, and have a fixed rotational speed which depends of the unbalance motor selected.
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